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CannaKoru Doctor-Formulated CBD


Hemp medicine is an ever-evolving field of science, requiring trusted medical professionals to stay informed and educated about the latest information and research breakthroughs. CannaKoru has a team of trained medical doctors, PhD Cannabinoid & Biochemistry Scientists, and nurses to give our patients and people, like you, access to the best information and care available.

Dr. Joseph Cohen Cannabinoid Medicine

Dr. Joseph Cohen,
Physician and Medical Director of Holos Health

After completing his residency training in conjunction with the Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Cohen spent 30 years working with patients in obstetrics and gynecology. He was in his early 60s when he needed a change of pace. After all, he’d assisted nearly 10,000 women and families through the birthing process. Not easy.

However, Cohen never imagined his next career would be in cannabinoid medicine where he’d go on to impact approximately 25,000 patients at the clinical level.

That pivotal moment, his segue into cannabis, came in 2009. Dr. Cohen had just returned to the U.S. after a few years of working with indigenous tribes in New Zealand. 

When he took a job counseling medical cannabis patients at the back of a dispensary, it changed his life forever. 

“I had no idea I’d be doing cannabis medicine. Never had any thoughts about it. However, once I started working with it, I began to realize there may be something to this medicine.” 

“I realized I could actually combine cannabinoid  medicine with functional medicine in a medical practice and really help people,” Cohen says.

This is exactly what Cohen has been doing for the past eleven years with his practice Holos Health, combining cannabis and functional medicine.

Jeremy Widmann, PhD

Jeremy Widmann, PhD,
Co-Founder of Boulder Hemp Farm

Jeremy attended the University of Colorado Boulder where he obtained his PhD in Biochemistry, focusing on RNA evolution and function.  His work focused on large scale computational analyses, studying patterns in RNA sequences across all domains of life, giving insight into the origin of life from an RNA world. 


Interested in human health and genomics, Jeremy took a position at the molecular diagnostic startup, ArcherDx.  As Asst. Director of NGS Assay Design, he developed the software suite used to design Archer’s human cancer diagnostic tests.  


Jeremy’s experience with Cannabis includes over a decade of cultivation, implementation of an extraction facility in a commercial cannabis grow, and most recently as Co-Founder of Boulder Hemp Farm. Combining his passion for cannabis, evolution and human health, Jeremy hopes to aid in development of hemp-based personalized medicine. 


When he’s not in one of our cultivation facilities or in the lab formulating new products, you’ll find Jeremy on the track racing his motorcycles or up in the mountains hiking and fishing.

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